Patina Paint

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Create REAL Rust and Patina with our Patina Paint!

Non-metal surfaces:  Choose between Iron, Copper and Bronze for 3 different results! Stir Patina paint very well.  After one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, apply one coat of Patina Paint, let dry.

Apply second coat of Patina Paint and while still wet, apply a Patina Spray using the sprayer or a brush if you want more control over where the color changes.  

Sit back, enjoy the magic and watch the rust begin!

Patina Paint incorporates real metal and naturally reacts as the patina spray is applied

Note:  If using on metal, apply Prime Start as your first coat, then Patina Paint in your choice of color(s) after stirring really well.  Let dry.  Apply 2nd coat of Patina color(s) and then green or blue spray while Patina Paint is still wet.  Let project sit for 4-6 hours as colors change.  

Neutralize effect by dabbing with a damp rag.  Applying top coat may change patina colors.  

Green spray over iron paint creates rust.  Either color spray will work with Copper and Bronze.  

  • These paints come in 8 oz containers.