Slick Stick

Slick Stick

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Slick Stick allows you to paint shiny, slick, or slippery surfaces with ease! Surfaces like PVC, glass, Formica, laminate, metal, and more are easily painted and stay painted. 

Slick Stick is a problem solving product and not needed for every project.

First, clean your piece with White Lightning and rinse well.  When dry, paint one coat of Slick Stick (using a throw away chip brush) and let dry for 2-3 hours.  Scratch surface lightly with your fingernail.  If product stays, proceed with painting.  If Slick Stick comes up with fingernail scratch, apply a second coat of Slick Stick and let dry 24 hours.  Proceed with painting.   

Do not wash Slick Stick down your drain.  I use a throw-away chip brush with this product and toss it when I'm done with the project.