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BOSS blocks odors, stains, and stops bleed thru. 

BOSS is a problem solver product and not needed for every project.  In 1-2 coats, BOSS tackles tough set in stains including permanent marker, water stains, and much more. BOSS even masks smoke odors and nicotine smells.  It blocks tannins from wood so they don't bleed through from the wood into your paint.  

Available in Clear, White, and Gray.  Clear would be used as a first coat on pieces you might want to distress after painting.  White is for use as a transition coat & problem solver when covering dark wood with light paint.  Gray is used to block red tones in some woods from coming through your paint. 

This is a water-based product.  I usually use a cheap chip brush to apply, saving my better brushes for paint.  

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed; keep away from eyes and children.