Product Instructions - Gliding Wax & Gemstone Mousse

Gilding wax is an oil-based product and Gemstone Mousse is a water-based product.


Both products are very highly pigmented and depending on the color, some will be heavier & thicker than others.


Both products need to be stirred very well before using.  I just use a popsicle stick, but you could use a plastic spoon as well.


If either product is too thick, they can be thinned for use.  Thin the Gilding Wax with a drop or two of odorless mineral spirits and stir very well again until you have the consistency of a wax.  Gemstone Mousse can be thinned with a drop or two of water and stirred very well until you have the consistency of thick yogurt.


Apply either product with a brush or your fingertip.


Both products should be the last thing you apply to your piece.


Allow 1st coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.  Dry time depends on product used and thickness of application.  I’d recommend 48 hours dry time for both products.


Do not apply clear coat over either product as it will reactivate the pigment and could cause smearing.


If using on hardware, glass or any slick surface, it’s recommended that you apply a coat of Slick Stick to the piece first and let it dry for a couple of hours before applying the wax or mousse.