Product Instructions - Dixie Belle Wax

Dixie Belle paint is self-sealing so there’s no need to use wax to seal the paint.  The only reasons to use wax are because you want some added protection, you like the sheen, or you want to add some decorative color to your paint for accenting purposes.


Let Chalk Mineral paint dry for 24 hours & allow SILK Mineral paint to dry for 72 hours before applying wax.


I apply my wax with a brush.  You can use an inexpensive chip brush that you trim down to about 2” in bristle length if you want.  My brush of choice right now is the Redesign by Prima wax brush that’s for sale in the brush section of this website.


Load your brush by tapping the wax with the end of your brush.  Don’t push the brush down into the wax – that’s overload.  Just tap to get a bit on there.


Brush the wax on in a thin layer over your dried paint.  I work a section at a time (one drawer at a time, one door at a time, a side at a time, etc.).  Direction of application isn’t important - just apply any way you want in a thin layer.


When finished with that section, allow wax to sit for 5 minutes or so.


Using a baby wipe, wipe off the excess wax leaving as much or as little wax behind on the piece as you want.  You’ll want to change wipes frequently as once they load up with wax they stop removing very well.  Remove in a straight line.  Do not arc your strokes or remove in circles.  You will see every stroke you make in removal.


I typically use the side of my hand so I’m working in wider swaths.  If you use a couple of fingers it will look more striped and less natural, in my opinion.


If you take off too much wax, no worries – just reapply wax to that area and wipe away what you don’t want.  If you step back and there’s still too much wax, just use a fresh baby wipe and wipe more back.


Wax dries to a matte finish with water resistant protection. 

If for some reason you want to remove the wax after it has dried, use odorless mineral spirits for removal.




Shake bottle well until you don’t hear any liquid movement at all.


Spray on and apply just like you would furniture polish.  I use an applicator pad or a lint-free cloth and move in straight lines, covering the whole area.


Wax will dry to a matte finish and will be water-resistant.