Product Instructions - Crackle

  1. Apply one coat of the Dixie Belle Color you want as the base color under the crackle layer. Let dry.  Typically, the darker color is the base, and the lighter color is the crackle layer.


-If you want wood to be your base, apply one layer of Satin Clear Coat over your wood and let it dry.


  1. Thoroughly stir the Dixie Belle Crackle and apply. (Note:  the thicker the Cracker, the bigger the cracks).  Apply Crackle in one direction only – DO NOT back brush or the product will not work.  Do not thin the product.  Allow it to completely dry.  I usually allow it to dry overnight just to be sure it’s totally dry before proceeding.
  2. Apply a coat of Dixie Belle paint in your second color choice. Apply paint in one direction only or crackle effect will be affected.   The crackling process begins as the paint dries.  Allow paint to dry naturally without any added heat.
  3. Allow to dry completely for 24 hours. Seal with clear coat of choice if desired.