Product Instructions - Big Mama's Butta & Hemp Seed Oil

Big Mama’s Butta


Big Mama’s Butta comes in 4 oz and 10 oz metal tins in 3 scents:  Suzanne’s Garden (floral), Orange Grove (citrus) and Unscented.  Essential oils can be added to the essential oils to make a customized scent for your use.


Contains coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, and hemp seed oil.


Butta is a sealer and a polish.  It sits on the surface of whatever is being polished.  Not intended for deep conditioning.


It has lots of uses:

  • Seals and protects Dixie Belle Paint with a water resistant finish
  • Revive raw wood & restore to a beautiful luster
  • Polish the factory finish on furniture – just like any furniture polish
  • Polish stainless steel
  • Polish leather furniture, boots, etc.
  • Restores insides of drawers & cabinet casings
  • Improves drawer sliding when applied to rails.


Butta dries to a matte finish.  It cures in 7 days.  Scent lasts 6-8 weeks.


To polish:  Put very little on a rag.  Wipe/buff with clean lint-free rag.  Wipe surface again after 12 hours to remove any excess.


Can be used to seal paint – but not the best choice as it takes a lot of rubbing to buff it since it doesn’t soak into the paint at all.


Fabulous to restore the inside of furniture drawers.  Apply small amount all over with a rag.  Remove excess after several hours.  Wait for 48 hours before adding clothing to drawers.


Apply to drawer rails (on drawer and on slide) to make them easier to glide in and out.  Buff rails for an even slicker surface for gliding.


Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp Seed Oil is the only food safe Dixie Belle Product.  Obviously, you don’t want to drink it, but if you cut through it on a surface that has food on it, the food is safe to eat.  This type of oil is commonly used on butcher block or charcuterie boards.


This oil has been cold pressed & refined for furniture use.  Unlike other hemp oils there is no expiration date.  No special precautions.  Bottles of oil will be different shades of yellow because of harvest times when natural ingredients are harvested.  This has nothing to do with the quality or freshness of the product.


Hemp Seed Oil dries to a water resistant, streak-free matte finish.  It cures in 21-28 days. 

This oil is intended for porous surfaces.  Not recommended for use over anything that’s already sealed (i.e., wax, clear coat, manufacturer’s finish).


Apply with a chip brush or a lint-free rag.  I use an applicator pad so I can both spread the oil and buff it into the piece at the same time with this tool.  This will not clean up with soap and water since it’s oil based, so I use throw away rags/brushes for convenience.


When applying over paint on raw wood – will soak through paint and into raw wood to nourish wood.  Will be very little excess to wipe back.


When applying over paint on a factory finish, will soak through paint and then stop at factory finish.  Won’t soak any further.  Will take longer to dry and will require more wiping back.  Surface expels what it doesn’t need, so what can’t soak in will remain on surface until it’s been wiped enough times to remove.  The excess will look like splotches. 

Wipe back a bit after application and then wipe back excess after 12 hours.  If needed, continue to wipe back every 12 hours until all oil has been absorbed or removed.


Finish dries hard and is comparable to a Gator Hide protective level.


Use to revive leather.  Can clean vinyl – but won’t absorb.


DO NOT use with No Pain Gel Stain or Patina Products.


This is a fabulous finish for dark colors of chalk mineral paint as it removes the chalkiness from the paint finish and the tendency for fingerprints to occur on darker finishes.