Product Instructions - Clear Coat

Clear coats are available in 4 formulations:


  • Flat: A completely flat finish with no shine.  Water resistant.
  • Satin: A low-shine satin sheen. Water resistant.
  • Gloss: Our highest shine finish.  Water resistant.
  • Gator Hide: Our toughest finish for high use/high traffic.  Water repellent.



Clear coats are best applied with either a foam brush (I recommend & sell Wooster) or a Dixie Belle blue sponge applicator (located by Gator Hide).

It is recommended that you do NOT shake clear coat products as shaking produces air bubbles that will affect your finish.  Please use a stir stick or spatula to stir, moving product from the bottom to the top as some of the necessary solids will settle to the bottom of the container. 

I pour my product into a square Rubbermaid type container with a lid.  Remove any excess product from the rim of the original container before putting the lid back on to avoid the lid sticking. 

Using a slightly damp sponge or brush, lay your applicator flat on the top of the clear coat in the square container, not dunking it into the clear coat, but basically getting it wet from the very top of the product.  You don’t want a drippy applicator.

Apply clear coat in a straight, sweeping motion from one side of your project to the other without stopping in the middle.  Come back across that same area one more time only.  It’s important to not over-work the product as it dries very quickly and over-working will cause it to pill.  If you’ve missed a spot, just leave it at this point.  You’ll get it on the 2nd coat. 

Reload your applicator with product if needed and apply your 2nd row overlapping the first in the same long, sweeping motion from one end to the other.  Repeat this until you have completed your first coat. 

Allow first coat to dry for 1-2 hours and then apply additional coats as desired using the same method.  Should you encounter any streaking of product, add a few drops of your paint color to the clear coat and that should solve that issue. 

If desired, you can smooth your finish between coats after drying with 0000 steel wool.