About Our Classes...

One of my favorite things to do with Dixie Belle Paint and Redesign with Prima products is to teach others how to use them and have fun creating like I do.  I’m always happy to coach anyone through a project or to meet you at Antiques on the Prairie to review products and talk with you about how to best accomplish the look you want on a piece.


I’ve also designed some classes that are very hands-on to teach about furniture painting or cabinet transformation in depth so you have the confidence and the step-by-step know how to go home and dive into that project you’ve been wanting to do.  You can also arrange to bring in your own piece so I can teach you how to use our products on a very specific project.


And then, there’s the crafty classes where we gather to create a wall hanging, a door decoration, a centerpiece, a sign, or create with transfers, moulds and stencils.  A few of those workshops are listed below just to give you a taste of the fun to be had.


Typically, we do our workshops and classes in groups, however, due to COVID, we are now scheduling private events for either just you or you and some of your friends or family you’re comfortable sharing space with.  The size of any group is limited and all events are booked with everyone’s safety in mind.


Here’s what we have to offer:


Dixie Belle Painting 101




Come and learn all about the paint line I use to refurbish my furniture and do my crafting with.  The purchase fee includes practice boards and training in all basic techniques, as well as working with waxes and glazes.  Bring a small piece of your own (tray, small stool, frame, etc.) and use my materials to complete your small project with the techniques you just learned.  This workshop doesn't sound like much, but I can assure, when you're done, you'll be able to go home and paint your furniture with confidence!



Cabinet Transformation Workshop




Using a practice cabinet door, you'll learn every step necessary to totally transform your old, dated cabinets into fresh and contemporary!  The purchase fee includes all supplies needed.


Heart Décor




A perfect Mother’s Day craft event!  Bring your Mom, and her registration is $10 off.  This fun and quality wood wall hanging includes working with stain, paint, décor transfers, and stencils.  It’s also a great time of year to start thinking red, white & blue for our patriotic summer events.  The purchase fee includes all supplies plus refreshments.


Barn Quilt Workshop



This has been one of our most popular workshops!  There are 5 designs and 3 sizes to choose from and color combinations are only limited by your imagination!  These boards are custom cut by order, so I’ll need a couple weeks’ notice to be sure I have supplies on hand.  While you’re waiting, I’ll give you a color chart and a pattern and you can lay out your design and be ready to go when your workshop date arrives.


Bring Your Own Piece




Do you have a particular piece in mind you’d like to paint, but you really want some coaching before you take the plunge?  If you can carry it in yourself, your project qualifies for this workshop!  Typically these pieces are small bookcases, nightstands, side tables, etc.  This workshop includes up to 3 hours of my coaching time, one 8-ounce jar of paint of your choice, along with the use of my brushes, waxes, glazes, etc. to complete your project.  I’ll teach you all you need to know to get your project done and coach you along as you work.  Most smaller projects can be completed in this time frame.



If you’d like to schedule a private or group event, please either email me at papasnestegg@gmail.com or call me at (785) 594-1420 and we’ll get a date set up at your convenience.  Please watch our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PapasNestEgg) or join our private Facebook Group, “Creating With Papa’s”, for information about any upcoming special events (www.facebook.com/groups/creatingwithpapas).